Never Use a Large Word When a Diminutive One Will Suffice

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Humour, Life | Posted on 15-04-2010


Spotted at Milwaukee Airport last night as I returned to NYC – a ‘recombobulation area’, just through the security gates.

If, like me, you feel thoroughly discombobulated after stumbling through airport security, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that this recombobulation area is available for you to recombobulate like you’ve never recombobulated before, and then, thankfully, board your flight fully combulated.

Thank you General Mitchell Airport.

Milwaukee Airport has a Recombobulation Area. Awesome.

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The Fortnight is a Unit of Time Equivalent to 14 Days

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Humour, Life | Posted on 08-04-2010


Hello America,

I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant word to use in all those situations that you’re talking about something that will happen in two weeks time:



The fortnight is a unit of time equivalent to fourteen days. The word derives from the Old English feorwertyne niht, meaning “fourteen nights”.

Fortnight is a commonly used word in Britain and many Commonwealth countries such as Pakistan, India, New Zealand and Australia (where many wages, salaries and most social security benefits are paid on a fortnightly basis.) The word is rarely used in the United States, but is used regionally in Canada. Payroll systems may use the term biweekly in reference to pay periods every two weeks. The terms fortnightly and biweekly are often mistakenly conflated with semimonthly.

In a sentence:

“Once a fortnight, I wish Americans used a word that would refer to a period of time lasting precisely fourteen days”.

I shared this thought on Twitter today:

And drew this response:

So how about it Yanks? Accept Fortnight into your life?

Later is Eternal, Now Is Fleeting

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Life | Posted on 08-04-2010


Great little quote from 37 Signals ‘Getting Real‘ that introduced itself to me during my subway reading this morning: “Later is eternal, now is fleeting”.

(Live Now Not Later – from user guelphguy on Flickr)

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