We All <3 Social Media Experts

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Humour, Internet | Posted on 05-05-2010


The biggest rage in social media circles these days is social media expert bashing… mainly by people who wish someone would call them a social media expert.

Embedding my tweet from this arvo here to store this point for posterity so I can send it on each week when I see someone else talking about this topic on Twitter.

Fact: 100% of ppl complaining about ‘social media experts’ secretly wish someone would call them a social media expert *yawn*less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Never Use a Large Word When a Diminutive One Will Suffice

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Humour, Life | Posted on 15-04-2010


Spotted at Milwaukee Airport last night as I returned to NYC – a ‘recombobulation area’, just through the security gates.

If, like me, you feel thoroughly discombobulated after stumbling through airport security, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that this recombobulation area is available for you to recombobulate like you’ve never recombobulated before, and then, thankfully, board your flight fully combulated.

Thank you General Mitchell Airport.

Milwaukee Airport has a Recombobulation Area. Awesome.

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Men are from Mars, Women are Watching Glee

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Current Affairs, Humour, Internet | Posted on 13-04-2010


This post is spurred by the spontaneous explosion of Glee related excitement stemming from the women I follow on Twitter right at this moment.

Here’s a quick look at the #Glee related enthusiasm appearing in my Twitter stream right now:

But this phenomenon does seem to be isolated to women (well, a few of my gay mates are also pretty darn excited), and the male/female divide has never been more evident than the current Google Hot Trends rankings:

#3: ‘what time is Glee on Tonight?’

#5: ‘Ashley Dupre Playboy pictures’

So essentially, while every woman in America is pining for Glee to start, every male is trying to find pictures of a former call girl in the nud.

NB: If you’re not familiar with Google Hot Trends Wikipedia has a good explanation. I keep track of it via RSS – it’s interesting keeping a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist via its hourly updates!

Google Hot Trends is an addition to Google Trends which displays the top 20 hot searches (search-terms) of the past hour in the United States. For each of the search-terms, it provides a 24-hour search-volume graph as well as blog, news and web search results. Hot Trends has a history feature for those wishing to browse past hot searches.

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Australia’s Greatest Social Media Star: Fully Sick Rapper

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Australia, Humour, Internet | Posted on 09-04-2010


Christiaan Van Vurren is the greatest contribution Australia’s made to the social media scene.

Fighting tuberculosis, his excessive time locked in quarantine has given him plenty of time to produce a bunch of hilarious YouTube videos via his alter ego the ‘Fully Sick Rapper‘.


And to make a serious point, I actually think this is a great (if extreme) example of Clay Shirky’s thesis on ‘social surplus’. Essentially, the rise of social tools and self-publishing allows humanity to use their ‘social surplus’ to create and add value, as opposed to dumbly sitting in front of a television screen.

Much the same as peasants would drink themselves into a gin stupor during the industrial revolution, and also how in the past a bloke in quarantine would have to spend his days reading, watching DVDs and masticating (you’ve gotta watch the vid above to get that joke), instead of producing media that is generating hundreds of thousands of views and global attention.

The Fortnight is a Unit of Time Equivalent to 14 Days

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Humour, Life | Posted on 08-04-2010


Hello America,

I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant word to use in all those situations that you’re talking about something that will happen in two weeks time:



The fortnight is a unit of time equivalent to fourteen days. The word derives from the Old English feorwertyne niht, meaning “fourteen nights”.

Fortnight is a commonly used word in Britain and many Commonwealth countries such as Pakistan, India, New Zealand and Australia (where many wages, salaries and most social security benefits are paid on a fortnightly basis.) The word is rarely used in the United States, but is used regionally in Canada. Payroll systems may use the term biweekly in reference to pay periods every two weeks. The terms fortnightly and biweekly are often mistakenly conflated with semimonthly.

In a sentence:

“Once a fortnight, I wish Americans used a word that would refer to a period of time lasting precisely fourteen days”.

I shared this thought on Twitter today:

And drew this response:

So how about it Yanks? Accept Fortnight into your life?

Tuckshop NYC Book Exchange

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Australia, Humour | Posted on 05-04-2010


How I love Aussie meat-pie shop Tuckshop NYC.

Book Exchange at Tuckshop NYC

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