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Today is a huge day. My last full-time day at Converseon after 3 brilliant years… though I’m not moving very far.

Almost exactly 3 years ago today I turned up at Converseon’s NYC HQ straight off a 24 hour flight from Australia completely unsure how my new social media career in the USA would turn out. This was after a 3 month blog world tour, a phone interview from a balcony in Florence overlooking the Duomo, and receipt of my offer letter, alone, in a youth hostel in Venice.

In my offer letter my CEO Rob Key said “As I lay this out, I can say with confidence that I can’t imagine another opportunity that will provide you with the same type of frontline and innovative social media work with such great brands … in a very fast moving, innovative environment that really is doing extremely cutting edge work“. And he couldn’t have been more right.

If I could turn the clock back 3 years I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve had the chance to be a part of long-term social media programs with huge brands like Graco, Telstra, Kohler and many more. I’ve moved up the ranks from Senior Account Executive to Senior Account Director. I’ve been deeply involved in programs that have won more awards than you can poke a stick at – a Forrester Groundswell, a WOMMIE, a Webby, SNCR (twice) and PR News to name a few. We’ve made a real difference with our clients and these efforts have been noticed.

But the reason I can look back with such pleasure is the people I’ve had the good fortune to work with.

Firstly, our CEO and Founder Rob Key – a bloke who has become a really good mate and a constant inspiration. Working closely with Rob has been a blessing, especially since he consistently looks 3-5 years into the future. He’s a brilliant CEO and has continually surprised me with the accuracy of his foresight, as well as his ability to think big for huge brands about how social can change their business.

No less important, a mentor and one of my best mates, the Batman to my Robin, Constantin Basturea. 5 yeas ago when I started up in the blogosphere there was nobody I respected more than CB and he was the main reason I winded up at Converseon to begin with. We’ve been so close over 3 years you could barely fit a cigarette paper between us, and I can testify that his huge reputation in the industry is absolutely deserved.

I could name drop all day, but to pick out a few more I’ve got to say that Mike Moran has probably been the most influential in changing how I think about online communications, online reputation guru Bryce Tom has been my best mate to work with, our CTO Jeff Doak has regularly astounded me with his thinking on influence and online intelligence,  Lindsay Lebresco has been both one of my favorite clients and coworkers and more recently Craig Daitch has inspired me with his passion and brilliant thinking.

Happily for me, I won’t be moving too far away from Converseon. Rob has named me, along with SEO Guru Ted Ulle, as a ‘Converseon Fellow’ and in that role I’ll continue to offer strategic support to our clients.

However, my move away from full-time work here means there are some shoes to fill – so if you’re a social media rockstar (or ninja) let me know and I’ll be happy to intro you to the team. We’re hiring across the board and I guarantee you’ll be working with some of the smartest in the industry.

As far as my next steps… you’ll have to subscribe to this blog and stay tuned ;).

Welcome to

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After over 4 years of blogging on social media, PR and marketing over at Young PR I’ve decided to make the move to my own domain & hosting here at

Welcome old friends and new readers alike. I do hope you’ll take the time to subscribe, read and occasionally comment or throw some link-love my way. I always counsel clients that an engaged blog reader should be treasured, so I hope all of you reading realize how much it means to me that you take the time to keep up with my rambling here.

I’ll miss Young PR, I started the blog (at the time Australia’s third PR blog) while still a student at Charles Sturt University, and over the last four years it has seen several hundred posts, the anti-astroturfing campaign, a ‘big blog world tour‘ and my move to New York City. It has also been ranked as the third most influential Australian Marketing blog and has appeared in several ‘top marketing blog’ lists such as the AdAge Power 150.

But on to bigger and better things!

Please Subscribe via Email or RSS

If you do one thing while you’re reading this blog post, I’d love it if it could be that you take the effort to subscribe to the updates from this blog.

If you’re tech savvy, add this feed to your preferred RSS reader (or click the ‘subscribe to RSS‘ link in the header above).

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What To Expect From

The move from ‘Young PR’ to my own domain will also see a shift in content from a focus on PR/Marketing and all things social media to the broader issues, ideas and thinking that catch my interest. I’m still passionate about this industry and the new web, but there’s plenty more out there that I’d like to be sharing and discussing with all of you.

You’ll see that echoed in the posts I have here at launch, themes include Iraqi military strategy, rugby and business leadership and the future of video on the internet… but no marketing BS amongst it (yet).

I’m also anticipating that it will be hard to keep up a regular publishing schedule, so while I will be writing original content, I’ll also be sharing links that catch my eye both in the blog and also via my Google Reader shared items in the sidebar here, and of course I’ll continue Twittering like crazy (with my most recent update appearing in the header above).

Some Gratitude

Firstly, and importantly, a sincere thank you to Auburn University’s Robert French. Robert has been a huge help to me for many years as I found my way in the world of blogging. Without his platform (set up by James Farmer) I’m not sure I’d be working in the social media industry in New York right now. If you’re in the PR/Marketing world and looking to get into social media you should definitely follow Robert and everything he is doing – especially the vibrant community at PR Open Mic.

Also I can’t recommend highly enough the web design and development work of my friend (and Village Lions rugby teammate) Pat McJury. Pat helped me build and host this blog, set up the design and all the bells and whistles. If you’re looking for some development or design work I’d be happy to give you a personal introduction.

Finally, thank you to all of you who have come past for a read – I hope you’ll take the time to subscribe and continue conversing over time!

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