Is the pen dead?

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I’m currently flying cross country and spotted two interesting articles back to back:

– Nick Bilton in the times on ‘The Demise of the Pen

– And none other than Taylor Swift pointing out that the autograph has been replaced by the Selfie

As an individual who prefers a pen-and-paper in a meeting to an open laptop, this par in Bilton’s piece struck me:

A competing study by Pam A. Mueller, a researcher at Princeton University’s psychology department, found that people who took notes using pen and paper tended to retain more information than those who used keyboards.

The problem, Ms. Mueller wrote in the paper, “The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard,” is that laptop note takers have a tendency to transcribe every detail, whereas pen note takers just jot down the important information.

Thoughts? My preference is to have an intern or junior staff taken notes in detail that can be emailed and uploaded to the crowd, while the rest of the meeting participants can be more active without the barrier of a distracting laptop in front of them.

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Could not agree more. When it comes to note taking, listening should be the priority. And I believe effective note taking is very different than transcription.

The latter (transcription) ends up being a sequential capturing of dialog in a very linear fashion, without much filter between the useful and the mundane.

The former (pen and paper) allows one to capture key/notable items of interest AND draw connections between different types of information in a non-linear fashion.

Note taking with pen and paper enables me to think spatially as well as linearly.

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