Start With Why: Simon Sinek

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Business, charity: water, Internet | Posted on 03-11-2011


I’ve recently had the pleasure to meet and learn from Simon Sinek as he has been doing some work with our charity: water executive team.

Simon’s clarion call is to ‘start with why‘ – he boils down the need for purpose to be at the core of businesses in today’s web-based business world into a simple, but highly compelling framework that will change how you think about your brand.

I strongly urge you to take 5 minutes to watch his TED Talk:

Then, think about what the ‘why’ is for your organization.

For charity: water, our ‘what’ is to bring clean and safe drinking water to the nearly one billion people living without.

We’re still working on firming up our ‘Why’, but you can guarantee it will revolve around helping people see their impact.

That’s why we mark every water project on Google Maps. That’s why we devote energy, time and resources to developing features like Dollars to Projects. And that’s why we’re different from every other cause out there.

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I like how he breaks everything down. This can def. help narrow down what your message needs to be and how you’re going to implement it.

Great to hear that Simon is working with you and the team. He’s an inspiring speaker and I love his approach to finding the true purpose in what we do. His latest talk at EO Alchemy is also worth a watch:

Here’s to your ‘why’ at charity: water.

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