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If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know my big passion outside of my work life is rugby, and in particular the team I play for, New York’s Village Lions Rugby Football Club.

This season we had our best year ever, heading to the USA National Finals as the fourth ranked team in Division II after winning the North East Region Championships last month.

Here’s a video of one of our semi-final wins (it’s a rugby game, so apologies that the language is NSFW).

And a bonus video, of my team on tour in Portugal last May trying our hand at Forcado (Portugese Bullfighting). Or as Deadspin headlined it ‘Here’s Video Of A Rugby Player Taking A Bull’s Head To The Chest‘:

If you look closely you’ll spot me towards the back of the pack and eventually the side of the cow.

Backstory to this is that the local rugby team in Caldas de Rainha, Portugal, who we travelled to play against were also Forcados. They thought it would be a good idea to throw us in the ring for their training… despite the fact the only instruction we got was in Portugese plus some diagrams in the dirt!

No broken bones – and the final score was a tie: Village Lions 3 – Vacas 3.

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