Instagram Makes iPhone Photos Purty

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Internet | Posted on 07-12-2010


Instagram is the coolest app on my iPhone right now. It’s a simple photo-sharing app that takes the photos on your iPhone, turns them into art, and makes it easy to share with your friends.

Here’s a photo of the Statue of Liberty I shot while on a bike ride Sunday morning:

Lady Liberty

It’s everything a great app should be:

  • Simple: a 4 year old could use it. You choose a snap (or take one), add a filter with a simple menu, then choose where to share it when you publish.
  • Does one thing well: Instagram is a photo sharing app. That’s it. You make your photos look cool, and you share ‘em.
  • Expands existing functionality: the iPhone takes great photos already, but it’s a bit of a chore to share them and they lack focus and bells and whistles.
  • Cool: the product makes your photos look cooler – further motivation to share, and thereby virally spreading the app
  • Integrated: Today Twitter announced support for Instagram, photos shared via the app will show up directly within the Twitter user interface

And here’s a before and after of a shot a rugby teammate sent from Afghanistan. His pic:


Then the same pic through an Instagram filter:

Sent by a mate in Afghanistan

Cool right? If you join Instagram be sure to look up paullyoung and follow me!

Comments (2)

Very nice app! Thanks for sharing.

I see your blog is very 2.0. A long way from where it started all those years ago. Good to see your working with Charity: Water. Keep up the good work mate!


Thanks for the comment Aidan, good to hear from you.

I made the realization that I can’t blog as frequently as I’d like (several times a week).

However, at the same time I’m absorbing and sharing information all the time – especially via Google Reader and Twitter. So I found a style to share that content on my blog, while updating the serious content here when I can.

Hope you subscribe and keep commenting!

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