2 Golden Rules of Digital

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Humour, Internet, Marketing | Posted on 21-09-2010


There are two golden rules that underpin my approach to all things digital:

1. People are inherently good, and will do good if you let them
2. People are inherently lazy, and will be lazy if you let them

Some of the World's Laziest People

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I won’t argue with #1, b/c my opinion on that changes depending on what kind of day I had :) But although people may be inherently good, and this is related to #2, social loafing is a real phenomenon.

I won’t argue with #2 either – though I like to call it “energy-conserving systems” – and the consequence is that whatever you want them to do, you have to make it easy.

I like it when people think of underlying assumptions. I hope I’ll remember this post so I can use it as an example in class someday. :)

3. People are inherently bored, and will be bored until you interest them.

I can see a discussion thread of golden rule addons incoming…

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