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We’ve been stepping up our email marketing efforts at charity: water thanks to the generous pro bono support from our partners at Silverpop.

As we move onto best-in-class technology (the Silverpop tech and services really do rock – I can’t endorse them highly enough) we also want to clean up our list and make sure all our subscribers are completely happy. So in a recent mailing we placed a prominent ‘unsubscribe’ link at top and bottom of our mailing, and pointed them to this page:

The users choice – unsubscribe, OR watch this video featuring our fearless leader Scott Harrison getting the clean water treatment:

The results so far:

  • over 70,000 emails sent
  • around 100 unsubscribes
  • 740 views of the video

We’re pretty happy with an unsubscribe rate at close to a thousandth of a per cent, and that over 7 times that many watched the video and stayed with us. Plus, we love another chance to have a personal touch with our network of supporters.

If you would like to opt-in to our occasional emails and help us provide clean and safe drinking water to the 1 billion people living without it, just click here to sign up.

Many thanks to the folk at Groupon for sparking this idea!

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Okay…so I had to look at the unsubscribe to check it out….nice job and you guys do a great job with your web based stuff….thanks for what you do for the people around the world that have so much less than we do. Hope to meet you someday Paul.


Hi Jim – thanks so much for the comment!

charity: water does great stuff online, but I can’t take any kudos for this one – big team effort! Our creative folk will take an idea and turn it into something super.

For those reading the comment thread – Jim is the founder of ICDI, our partner in Central African Republic and focus of our September campaign this year!

Give him a follow: @jimhocking

What a fun and great unsubscribe page. It would be interesting to be interesting to add people who clicked unsubscribe and then watched the video in a list and measure their interaction (open rates, click through, etc.) after this. My guess is you caught their attention again and these rates would increase.

Silverpop is a great company to work with :)

It’s ideas like this that make a serious difference! I feel inspired.

WOW that was great!! What a great incentive to give to people to stick with your group. If the option had been given to me (as opposed to me reading this on your blog) I definitely would have taken it! Light-hearted, fun and effective…meanwhile your group is doing something to change the world and you convinced people to stick with you!

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