Facebook’s ‘Aha!’ Moment

Posted by Paull Young | Posted in Internet | Posted on 20-05-2010


Picked up this quote from some excerpts of a Facebook TIME cover story in this morning’s Politico Playbook email:

When a newcomer logs in, the experience is designed to generate something Facebook calls the aha! moment. This is an observable emotional connection, gleaned by videotaping the expressions of test users navigating the site for the first time. … Facebook has developed a formula for the precise number of aha! moments a user must have before he or she is hooked. Company officials won’t say exactly what that magic number is, but everything about the site is geared to reach it as quickly as possible. And if you ever try to leave Facebook, you get what I like to call the aha! moment’s nasty sibling, the oh-no! moment, when Facebook tries to guilt-trip you with pictures of your friends who, the site warns, will ‘miss you’ if you deactivate your account.

I’ve long referred to Twitter users having a ‘lightbulb moment’, but I’ve always thought it was a little harder to ‘get’ than Facebook. Very interesting that they put this degree of user testing into their development and continual testing and tweaking.

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Facebook and Twitter totally baffle me with all of there ways that people are truly ‘addicted’ to their websites. I have to admit I’m not a Twitter fan, but a huge Facebookie! It started out as a great way to keep in touch with everyone (family and friends) that I had lost touch with after college or high school, but then turned into a slight obsession. I always have to log in now to check and see what I have missed (sometimes just after an hour has passed) when checking my email. The fact that I just recently joined the age of technology and got a blackberry doesn’t help my addiction to this social media site. Now as if I didn’t check it enough before, I get alerts on my cell phone when anybody does anything to my page! I do remember however what you are referencing….when I first started my account I remember not wanting to fill everything out and get it all set up. After that was out of the way though and I had about 100 friends….my aha moment happened. Now I’m stuck. I always thought it was kind of shady also how they are always ‘suggesting’ friends and things for you to ‘become a fan of’ or ‘like’…..then your right your aha moment becomes one of total oh no!

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